Internet of Things

From connected cars to smart meters, our world is becoming increasingly connected. This phenomenon, now referred to as the “Internet of Things”, offers a host of untapped potential but also brings new legal and regulatory challenges to equipment manufacturers, network and App developers, broadband and Internet service providers, and anyone involved in the integration of communications technologies with previously unconnected devices. The Internet of Things will change how everyday products, and the networks to which they connect, are designed, commercialized and deployed; it will raise new privacy and data issues; and it will change how spectrum is used as more and more wireless devices are fielded.
Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC attorneys assist clients in:

  • Representing automakers and technology suppliers before the Congress, the United States Department of Transportation, state transportation agencies and university transportation centers to facilitate the advancement of wireless technologies in the vehicular environment;
  • Understanding the FCC’s equipment and spectrum rules;
  • Advocating for spectrum, and new or modified spectrum usage protocols, to meet growing demand;
  • Advising licensed spectrum holders on monetizing uses of such spectrum for the Internet of Things;
  • Understanding the international ramifications for equipment and network design;
  • IP address allocation and transfer;
  • Internet of Things-related technology transactions, contracts and disputes;
  • Privacy and data protection;
  • Monitoring regulatory and legislative changes and advocating on behalf of clients to help shape the future of the industry; and
  • Monitoring and advocacy in ICANN and its Internet policy development process regarding Internet numbering and naming resources for the Internet of Things.
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