Satellite Services

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC is closely familiar with the business and regulatory considerations involved in establishing and operating satellite communications companies. The firm has represented companies in all four of the commercially active satellite radio services: Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), Fixed Satellite Service (FSS), Mobile Satellite Service (MSS), and Radio Determination Satellite Service (RDSS).

Our clients include companies that buy and lease transponder capacity on FSS satellites to gather news and to deliver business videos, advertising, data, music, occasional-use video programs, and Internet access.

The firm negotiates leases and purchases of transponder capacity, and arranges for the authorizations to operate space stations and earth stations, both domestically and internationally. We regularly participate in FCC rulemaking proceedings, State Department Working Groups, and World Radio Conferences (WRCs) to advocate our clients’ issues affecting the satellite industry, and to aid U.S. satellite companies in entering international markets.

Consult our lawyers in this area:

Michelle A. McClure
Frank R. Jazzo
Francisco R. Montero
Cheng Liu
Raymond J. Quianzon