Indian Communications Initiative

Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth, PLC maintains an initiative tailored toward the unique requirements of sovereign Indian Nations in dealings with the FCC, other federal agencies, and other Nations. This work draws on our cadre of professionals with expertise in television and radio, telephone companies, Internet service providers, cellular and microwave systems, and all other relevant telecommunications services.

Our lawyers have helped tribal governments obtain broadcast licenses for use in disseminating tribal and generational information on and around the reservation. We have worked with tribal governments in obtaining FCC licenses to provide wireless and Internet service, as well as local telephone service, on reservations and in adjoining communities. Drawing upon decades of experience, we provide our Native American clients with the institutional information needed for dealing with federal rules and regulations related to telecommunications services before the FCC, Department of Agriculture, Small Businesses Administration, Department of Commerce, and other government agencies and courts.

Consult our lawyers in this area:

Thomas J. Dougherty, Jr.
Frank R. Jazzo
Scott Johnson
Francisco R. Montero
Raymond J. Quianzon